Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to buy new car ??

Many cars are sold under several brand names by various car dealers. Having a new car is one of the needs of each person. Personal needs or business needs as well. Though looked fun, buy a new car at an auto dealership it could be something quite suspenseful.
Why is that? Because the car you want to buy may be the most expensive asset you will ever owned and bought. Buying a new car needs a careful planning and careful calculation.

6 Tips on Buying a New Car
Some people are sometimes reluctant to linger choose a car that I decided to buy a car in a hurry without consideration of the means. Not looking for more detailed product information about the cars that will be purchased or no impetus to make the process of bargain-mena-war. As a result, they are likely to buy a car directly at sales.
To anticipate carelessness, there are some tips on buying a new car, these tips course aims to buying and selling process go smoothly and you will get an offering of the best so it does not have feelings of regret after the transaction.

1. Various information about the product that will be purchased
Find all the information about the product to be purchased, the warranty promised, the price of spare parts and other cars. There are some spare parts of cars is very expensive for some types of cars. Be wise if you are planning to buy a certain type of car, if necessary, you can ask advice from your acquaintances who use the car.
How much spending per 6 months for maintenance and the purchase of auto parts. How to use the fuel in the car is whether reasonable or not. How is the resale price of the car. For the last kete assaults, the selling price of the car seem odd because if you are planning to buy a car you may not be looking forward to the next few months to resell the car.
But the selling price of a car is an indicator of the car. If the selling price of the car is falling or lower than the market, generally the car is not too popular in the market.

2. Friendly and Firm
Before leaving for the dealer you want to go, you have to anticipate, prepare early so do not be intimidated by the sales to make a purchase. Since it any obligation or sales reps were friendly to each customer. However, there are important things to remember, do not ever feel indebted to their hospitality and kindness when supply does not match your expectations or the price offered is perceived as fair.

3. Budget Planning
One of the tips for getting a better, more reasonable price is to discuss the budget. If you are planning to buy a car worth 100 million, while the price offered by the dealer is the first time the $ 100 million, it is likely the car price negotiable.
Never stare at a price list or price lists, discounts, wiser you have to know in advance the nett price of the car market. You can search the nett price of newspaper ads, the Internet or even from your acquaintances who have recently purchased the car. For additional information, car prices in general will go up every few months (indexed for inflation) or down (when the car is not sold).

4. Special Offer
Some dealers provide special offers and deals offered an assortment include: package financing, product warranties, accecories bonuses and so on. Do not forget to ask about special discounts and bonuses last promo gifts dijan-jikan, so there is no misunderstanding, ask write in SPK (letter ordering the vehicle) when you transact. The next task is to choose a financing scheme that suits your needs.

5. Bid
Some dealers really put a price list, but not necessarily the nett price or fix. Not taboo to bid, may be you will get a lower price. Bid price is not an easy course, requires a strategy of offering of a sniper. You need a good preparation, it is necessary to know in advance in the market price of the lowest bid.

6. Some went to Dealer
Said to require a precise bidding strategy and the extra effort, to come to know the lowest bid price, if necessary, can come to some dealers to conduct price surveys. When you go to the dealer, it does not mean there is no obligation to buy at the dealership.

That's 6 tips to buy a new car that you can practice when they wanted to buy a car. May be useful!