Monday, October 1, 2012

“Bentley Mulsanne” Best Interior complete with iPad

Bentley Mulsanne has presented to spoil the ranks of entrepreneurs and business people who want a car with an elegant design and luxurious interior. Lineup is powered by a 6.75 liter V8 engine and will soon be equipped with the latest interior made ​​by Bentley, called "Executive Interior Concept." Concept is scheduled to begin production in 2013 offers two options for the customer's specifications, "Theatre" or "iPad" .

Interior Concepts Theatre
The concept of the interior is complemented by high-definition LED screen in the rear cabin that enhance the experience of watching a movie on the way. As an alternative, Bentley also provides an 8-inch screen on the back of each headrest that allows passengers to watch different movies.

  If passengers should continue or complete the work during the journey, Bentley has buried an Apple Macintosh in the trunk that utilizes a central screen as a monitor. Users can upload movies, music, and documents into the system via two USB ports available. Bentley has prepared a special application that allows users to control the computer system in the cab with the iPod Touch.
Adding to the enjoyment of sitting in the passenger Bentley Mulsanne, the company's automotive equip British Theatre concept with a small refrigerator, complete with crystal champagne flutes. Refrigerators can accommodate up to two bottles of champagne are pretty much for partying or relaxing in the middle of the journey.

Interior Concepts iPad

As the name implies, the concept of interior iPad comes with Apple's two tablets with a separate keyboard mounted on the second section behind the front seat. That way, passengers can do their activities, such as browsing, listening to music and playing games.