Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sensation of driving with Toyota Fortuner VNTurbo

Since it was first launched in early August, the stronghold of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) directly confirms that VNT Fortuner has better power than the previous generation. Legal had a chance to feel the force of change that is served from SUV's.

Media test drive this time was held over two days (10-11 September 2012), by taking the route Jakarta-Bandung. The capital of West Java was chosen because it supports the median geographical ramp. Moreover, the test arena was spent in the Lembang.

Before entering into the discussion a little prologue about VNT Fortuner. VNT Fortuner machine using type 2 KD-FTV IL 4Cyl DOHC 16 Valve D-4D Turbo Intercooler VN.

In this new engine produces maximum power of 144 PS at 3400 rpm and torque of 35 kgm at 1600-2800 rpm of 26.5 kgm at 1600-2400 RPM spin machine. Power is up by 41 percent, which was previously only touched variant 102 PS, with torque of 260 Nm

Toyota Fortuner Diesel with Intercooler VNTurbo. Variable Nozzle Turbo or VNT van, capable of delivering greater air pressure. Although still in the lower engine speed. Impact, power could be bigger though torque the car has yet to reach its highest point.

If only it was not enough to get the record numbers. Without further ado, Okezone along with three other media colleagues get VNT Fortuner TRD Sportivo version with five-speed manual transmission, the car with the official menggeber directly from Rp387 million to Rp421, 9 million
Starting at the start Cilandak, South Jakarta, directly rewarded with congestion. However, fatigue due to traffic can be fought with the audio system 2DIN 6.1 inch touch screen, which has adopted features of Audio Video System, six speakers. AC blower available in the second and third row, quite match the scorching sun.

Entry into the freeway's time to step on the gas pedal deeply. As a result, the above figures proved correct. The car immediately showed 'kegalakannya' since lap down. "Turbonya immediately felt at low RPM. Steady!, "Said fellow journalist who first felt the performance of this VNTurbo Fortuner.
Only, the noise level is still not very quiet cabin. Roar of the diesel engine and the wheels on the asphalt, little came into the room. But it's not a big deal. Testers are still eager to spur this VNT Fortuner.

Arriving in toll roads Purbaleunyi. And it's time to find out just how tough the VNT 2500 cc diesel engine is. Power has been felt great in the run 1,500 to 2,000 RPM. Impact, the car had no symptoms despite weak lauched on the sloping uphill. Not feel the speed indicated on the speedometer touched 140 km / h, it was fast enough on the toll road to Bandung.

VNT duty recharging on the run-down, and then will be forwarded intercooler to keep the power on lap top. Intercooler also cools the air to get the density of air molecules. It feels like there is no pause at any engine speed.

Fuel efficiency testing is done manually. Average fuel consumption obtained for the manual transmission variant reaches 11.6 km per liter. The figure was obtained with all road conditions, such as in cities and highways outside the city.

Comfort on the suspension still feels decently in the cabin. The suspension is a bit harsh because the weight and dimensions of the car. Examiners shall be careful when maneuvering in order to maintain the unsteady phenomena. The front suspension uses Double Wishbone with Coil Spring & stabilizer. While the rear 4 Link w / Coil Spring and Lateral Rod.

With the change of the price increase is only Rp10 million compared to the previous Fortuner, it is paying off, with the tag of what is presented VNT Fortuner. VNT Fortuner Toyota Grand is conveniently taken in the city, but still powered invited out of town.