Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gangnam Style

Youtube Video The music video has outperformed top artists such as Katty Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, One Direction, Justin Bieber, and also will i am. Has been able to produce 345 million 830 thousand 437 view only with Video Music which lasted only 4 minutes 32 seconds Do You Know Who?? The video is a music video Gangnam Style PSY sung by artists who now has a music video on youtube trand.

 Gangnam is in effect what is it?

Probably not much familiar when I hear the word Gangnam, Gangnam is a District (District) in South Korea. Gangnam is a home-based three large companies in South Korea: like LG, Hyundai, Samsung. Beverly Hillsnya Korea is another nickname which is owned Gangnam. South Korea has produced 7% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the district.

 So, Who's PSY?

PSY whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, A 34 year old man yag. He has produced the first album in 2001, PSY From The Psycho World!. In this first album, has caused polemic since the content is not appropriate in the music video. It resulted Album to 2 PSY was forbidden to circulate. not only that, in the same year in the snare him by the police for possession of marijuana. And to make matters worse he refused to participate in military service.

So, what makes it popular?
Uniqueness Video Gangnam Home Style be causing virus is spread by the rapid Gangnam Gangnam even Style endemic in Indonesia. What is the appearance of the visible, impressed Tacky, also with a catchy blend of musical styles and a fresh jogetnya like the Prancing Horse, made ​​a number of people to follow the style of dancing as PSY.
The second facto, PSY has its own uniqueness of the band formation. Formation Formation Psy unlike the identical KPOP Boy And Girl Band with Members Group. But only carrying PSY Park Jae-Sang an as members.

 The third factor that makes Fever Gangnam Style In youtube spread quickly, Gangnam Style in flooding of the celebrity endorsed Hollywood. Such as Britney Spears, Katty Perry, Josh Groban, Nelly Furtado, Vanessa Hudges, Robbie Williams and Justi Bieber admitted that they were entertained with style Joget PSY it. Through social media not only praised Park Jae Sang, they also provide a link Video link Gangnam Style.

 In a series of videos on Youtube KPOP, Gangnam Style succeed is positioned on top of the 298 million view has far more superior than Oh! SNSD had its 55 Million View, I am the Best from 2NE1 (52 million), Sexy, Free, and Single of Super Junior (12 million). Of course, with the explosion of Gangnam Style PSY owned it on Youtube has been boosted in the Eyes of the World kepopuleritasan KPOP.
Gangnam Style also had a Twitter Trending Topic World wide. Social media usually does have a domino effect. the trends in social media, it must be a trend also in other social media.