Monday, November 5, 2012

Classic Car in 1966

Cars of today are very popular among people today, however, have crossed your minds how the car in the past also has the advantage of being the same as today's cars. For example, many production cars of the 1960s. Famous for its "classic stlye" is so typical of the period.

For example, a Chevrolet Impala 66 that automatic transmission with only 366 cc Turbo engine Hidrolic transmission is the category of "hefty car" in the past. Power steering has also been pinned in the car and the power window which makes it a highly sought after classic cars today. Here are the photos:

The next car is the Ford Mustang 1966. Cars "burly" is made with twin-turbo engine roadster that is just enough for two passengers. By using a 302 V8 engine, this car makes the Ford Mustang is preferable at this time. Since it adopted a muscular engine and remains a source of pride for everyone who has it. Here are the photos:

 What do you think?? surely you also want a car parked in front of your house. The cars are a source of pride for everyone who has it. Because in addition to its price, the cars were only produced few days of it.